We work on RT's, RT Police and the gs series.

As always, special priority to PD motors.
I've driven 100 miles away in order to get parts for priority PD service.



Servicing and  maintenance


Seal replacement

Check engine codes

Reset Check Engine light

Reset Service Interval

Proper tuning can reduce the so-called 1200's surging at low rpm / in town

Because, in 30+ years, we have worked on literally hundreds of different makes and models and dealt with thousands of problems, we aren't locked into "the BMW  factory says" solutions. Being "BMW factory trained" helps in familiarizing line mechanics in doing basic services quicker, but can limit problem solving ability to the "BMW way".

I was a BMW dealer in the early 80's - and I will always remember being told that the reason why "xxx" doesn't work is because the rider is not operating the bike correctly and I've always made it my goal to eliminate that excuse.

415 472 4962 for servicing