Hyosung GT650

All power products developed and tested on the EC997 Eddy Current Dynamometer using the
True Rear Wheel HP Scale
(That's the only dyno that can honestly see TRUE air fuel ratios and 4 Gas information and graph them properly - others can provide patently wrong tuning information.)



Carb Recal Kits: Config 30, Config 20, Config 10 and the Ti ProKit


Config 30 RaceKit

(includes filters, Carb RaceKit)

 Add 3-4
True Rear Wheel HP

International buyers will be billed additional $18 for USPS Global Express shipping.

Our best selling SV kit!
dyno_S36-STK_to_3.0_comp.gif (17859 bytes)
click to view True HP power improvements

  For applications where you wish to  REMOVE the airbox 
"RaceKit" Config 30 Carb and AF Kit
Add 3-4 True Rear Wheel HP over properly jetted stock.
Leave it to Factory Pro to design a special kit that adds as much power as high compression pistons and cams with a stock airbox!
Special Factory Pro designed individual air filters increase  airflow - enough to add 3-4 hp to the top-end - without decreasing low-end and midrange. If you are trying to tune on a dj dyno, we have reports that the topend power does not show up under inertia loading.
To tune best, it is suggested to either ride the bike and choose the main jet that makes the best power at high rpm or use an EC997 or other dyno that provides realtime HP figures under load.  The dj dynos don't duplicate the load conditions that are produced under real world operating conditions, producing power numbers that can be ambiguous.
Easy to tune - requires minor carb body machining - suggest professional installer.
This kit will allow tuning for each individual bike and bolt on exhaust system.
This is the kit of choice for on and off track, if you can remove your stock airbox. Pulls stronger at part throttle and especially at full throttle ~2-3 more True Rear Wheel HP over the above CRB-S36-2.1-APK and 3-4 or more over a stock jetted bike.

Includes:   Air Filter Set:  2 special  Factory Pro designed individual cotton gauze type washable air filters, Factory Pro Tank Risers and RK3 RaceKit tm Factory Pro Carb Recal Kit.

Tech: Main Air Jet location

CRB-HY65-1.1-ti   $99.95
"Ti ProKit"

International buyers will be billed additional $18 for USPS Global Express shipping.

Ti drop-in carb recal kit

Use with stock or aftermarket exhaust

Adds more low-end / midrange, if the proper main jet is selected, more top-end power. Easy to install and tune - no slide drilling.
This kit will allow tuning for each individual bike and bolt on exhaust system.
This is the kit of choice for on and off track - pulling stronger at part throttle and at full throttle.
Works with stock or BMC "Street" air filters.

Note: On the SV, no carb kit will "MAKE" horsepower. A  Carburetor Recalibration Kit tm will allow you to install the combination of jets that will allow your bike / exhaust / intake system, together, to make as much power as the engine / exhaust / intake system CAN possibly make.



International buyers will be billed additional $18 for USPS Global Express shipping.


Standard carb kit - Factory pro legendary quality - a "must" for best performance.


Boosts lowend and midrange - a MUST when adding a pipe!

BMC Air Filters!
STREET:   stock replacement,
RACE:  Special CCS legal stock inlet filter, race
Big Air (the 2.0 kit) and the APK (airbox removed) filters are only sold with their own special carb kits - without the proper specs, the filters "don't work".

BMC SV650.JPG (339121 bytes)
FI-BMC-44810S (Street)

Suggested Retail: $79.95

Alan's Special!
$69.95 online only special

International buyers will be billed additional $22 for USPS Express shipping


The "S" filter is a cleanable, long lasting, cost effective drop-in filter. Minimal airflow changes from stock and therefore, doesn't absolutely require rejetting (but even a stock GT will run better with rejetting!)

It's a high quality, cleanable, long lasting replacement. Cotton gauze type filter is similar to other cleanable "1,000,000 mile" filters.


TL-float height gauge


International buyers will be billed additional $18 for USPS Global Express shipping.


The only way to accurately measure float heights. Works on nearly every carburetor.
Marked in mm.

Needle Jet Rebuild

allow 3-4 days in-house.

Call 415 883-5620
to arrange - or email

It's true - the needle jets on the SV carbs wear out - just like the VL1500's and the cbr600's and 900's...... Happens with stock needles, stainless and titanium needles.....
We can rebuild them for $280 + shipping.

So - If your SV has started racking up the miles and seems to be getting rich and sloppy at low rpm (especially), and you can't fix by lowering the fuel level anymore - it's time to rebuild them -


NOTE! Shifting Tech!

Shifting issues with GT/SV650's are can be seemingly random.

We finally got an 05 that has a problem - It is the centering on the shift shaft that aggravates either upshifting or downshifting, but not both.

<    This is good.

The pins are centered between fingers when the shift shaft is at rest.



<   This is not so good.

The pins are not centered between fingers when the shift shaft is at rest.

If they don't drop down fully, beyond the "pins", that prevents the "fingers" from dropping down and getting ready for the next shift.

If you've got issues - check!

Adjustable Center Shift Stud, SV650,
(and possibly others)

International buyers will be billed additional $18 for USPS Global Express shipping.

If the shift shaft fingers aren't centered on the shift shaft, Factory Pro has the fix.

It's a special offset "centering" stud, adjustable by almost 1mm. For example, the difference in the above example was only .31mm/.024".
More experienced mechanics will recall when almost all transmissions were equipped with parts like these. That allowed the engine builder to set the shift shaft to exactly in the center for the best possible shift performance.

Install the stud with enough threads exposed for the locknut.
Turn stud till shift shaft "fingers" are centered on detent STAR pins.
Tighten down the locknut.
Recheck indexing.

CHECK!!! For things that may interfere with the taller stud!!

$24.95  90149-08094-00

This Carb Recal Kit developed on the same EC997a Eddy Current dyno that developed the K59-1.7-RK ZX-6R RaceKit (Muzzy and Kinko's choice), the Y73-1.7-RK YZF750 (Vance and Hines choice), S37-1.7-RK GSX-R750, Suzuki of France and most of America's privateer racers choice)...


Looking for your idle FUEL mixture screws? 
3 fingered Tony points - Here is where they are located.

3 fingered Tony.

Main Air Jet location

Thanks to JJ in Omaha, NE!


General Technical Support







Absolutely NO carb parts sold in California.

New and improved Suzuki Teka SFI  2

with new TPS display and "MMT" Memory Module Tuner

Finally - Quick, easy, cost effective Suzuki tuning with no expensive "add-on boxes"
Suzuki cruisers and sportbikes

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415 883-5620

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