Ducati 750ss, 91-96
Factory Pro Series "D07"

The Ducati 750ss is an excellent bike, delivering Ducati style, handling and performance.
The smaller power strokes, lower gearing and importantly, price make it one of the best Ducati choices if "in town" driving is a primary use.  The 750ss has enough power and smoothness to be happy on the backroads, too.


Factory Pro Carb Kits - The Internet's #1 choice for best lowend and midrange.


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Standard drop-in Ti Pro Kit carb kit

Titanium needles - perhaps the best needle material available - More needle jet friendly than stainless steel, as used in other brands of jet kits.
Adds more low-end / midrange, if the proper main jet is selected, more topend power. Easy to install and tune - no slide drilling!
Suggest using a BMC replacement air filter for increased airflow.

Make float height setting easier! Pick up a Float Cage Holder for Mikuni 38mm carbs  - Click here

 Carb kit with pilots, needles, emulsion tubes and extended fuel screws

$189.95  combination price

and saves on shipping.
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A Fresh start

1 Ti Pro carb kit with new needles
2 new nickel plated Factory Pro emulsion tubes
2 extended fuel screws with new springs, washers and o-rings

The number 1 internet recommended Ducati kit. The one with controllable midrange.

Hi Marc
Received parts with thanks on Monday, Excellent service!
I have fitted the needle valves, The Duke runs a treat, best it's ever been.
Once again, thanks for the great service and superb replacement parts.
Steve Klee  UK
November 2006
Finger Adjustable "Long Boy" extended fuel screws


Long Boy Fuel Screw Kit
pn: 3020m1
replaces 13440181a

 with 2 new extended screws, springs, washers and o-rings.

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"Long Boy"
Finger adjustable extended Fuel Screw

Frustrated with trying to find an "almost 90 degree"  screwdriver to fine adjust your fuel screws for best idle and cruise?
Use Factory Pro's new "finger adjustable" fuel screws to adjust fuel screws for best throttle response. Traveling to high altitude? It's easy to lean out the lowend temporarily.

Make your life easier!

Remove old short stock fuel screws, old o-rings, old washers and old spring. The o-ring might be stuck in the carb, so, take a light and make sure it's really out if it didn't come out with the screw (or you can't find it after you took out the screw)
Use a small bent wire to pull it out if it doesn't drop out. Keep the old parts for "spares".

Each screw assembly comes with:
2 Long Boy fuel screws 
 2 new o-rings
2 new washers
2 new springs

BMC cleanable air filter
NEW Factory Pro BMC Race air filter - available, NOW.
NO stock replacement air filter filters out more dirt and flows more air with less pressure drop than BMC. It's F-1 Ferrari's first choice.
$84.95 USD
Platinum Tip Spark Plugs

We stock and distribute
Denso spark plugs.
Dealer inquiries invited.

Denso (ND, Nippon Denso) is the largest OEM supplier for autos and motorcycles of electrical components in the world. Sometimes, people forget that Denso makes pretty darn good spark plugs, too! Wide heat range properties discourage plug fouling at low speed AND overheating at high speed.
We have been using Denso spark plugs in our AMA Supersport bikes since Denso was Nippon Denso and ND. We have found that some standard, <$10, off the shelf, Denso spark plugs work as well as $125 special spark plugs - on a professional roadrace level!
X = 12mm thread with 18mm spark plug wrench required
24 = Heat range. (Hint - it is ~3x NGK #. I.E. an "8" heat range in NGK)
E = 3/4" reach
P = Projected tip type plug
R = Resister type internal construction
Z = Thin platinum center electrode w/ tapered ground (side) electrode
U = "U Groove" side electrode for better spark and finally..
9 = is "pregapped" at .9mm (I think you should check all "pregapped" plugs before you install them...That's my paranoia showing.)

Carb Rebuild parts, Mikuni

 New main jet o-rings 
6 pcs
Mikuni # 007-790

$5 for 6 orings
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o-rings for Mikuni
"press-in" n208099 main jets.

If you are jetting older carbs, it is a good idea to get new main jet o-rings when buying a carb kit.

$74 for 2 pieces

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Replace worn bare brass needle jets in stock carbs with Factory Pro's own stock replacement nickel plated needle jets.

The needle, stock or aftermarket, will wear the needle jet orifice oblong - causing excess fuel to flow at cruise and low rpm. Additionally, the fuel that does get released is in larger, less burnable droplets. Replace the emulsion tubes / needle jets if there is more than 10k miles of varied use or 5k miles of in town driving on the bike before trying to tune. You will save time and energy.

Note that, with fuel level adjustments, you can make some mixture adjustments with the "fuel level", as adjusted by "float height" changes.

bad enough wear to richen low speed mixture

Lightweight Shift Centering Spring

Click Here to buy

Just rode bike awesome shifting, smooth, smooth smooth
Mike Hoak
August 2013

Lightweight Shift Centering Spring

For when you decide that you want lighter feeling shift lever action for better feel.
A lighter foot shift pressure is less unsettling.
Decreases lever effort required to make a shift.
 Makes foot shift pressure more like other sportbikes.
Since you are not having to push so hard to move the lever, it's easier to find neutral.

Like your rearsets? But, no matter how you lube, shim, adjust the arcs, angles and lengths, it's still annoyingly stiff to shift?
Carb Float Height Setting tool

TL-float height gauge
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The only way to accurately measure float heights.

Works on nearly every carburetor.

Thanks for the springs.  Got them last week and installed the jet kit over the weekend along with new exhaust cans...it's like a whole new Monster.   Very impressed overall with the kit and your service.  I'll definitely recommend the kit to my friends.
Thanks again.
Perry Steen


Float Height Setting Trick for 38mm "Mik's"
One of the problems with setting the float height on the 38mm downdraft Mikuni's that come on Ducati's, yzf 750's, tdm 850's and fzr1000's, is that the darn white plastic "float cage" keeps popping out of the carb body unless you hold it in.

When you hold it in with your fingers, you always flex the cage frame and distort the reading that you are setting the float height at..... Aaarrggghhh!!  :-)

After spending 45 minutes setting some yzf750 carbs in the sweltering Mid Ohio heat of summer, I decided to make a float cage holder and sell 'em! I'd make a million  $$!!

When I got back to work, I set up and made a pile of cute little flat braces.

As I was sitting there, admiring my cleverness...... one of my parts guys wandered by and asked what was I making? I showed him that you could just take my clever little piece of aluminum and hold those float cages right tightly up into their seated position - so you could get consistent float height readings.

He says.....
It looks like you could just put the float bowl on with the front holes on the bowl lined up with the rear holes on the carb body and slap some screws in and it would do the same thing...........
I bought him lunch with the million $$ I didn't make....



Hello.  Here’s the pics you asked for!  Thanks for the help, the bike runs BEAUTIFULLY now, lots more power!  The front end now comes up on the throttle – whereas it didn’t before!  There’s another pic in there too where I used a bar code to measure the bowls.  I found this a lot easier than using a ruler.  I measured the bar next to the number “8” on my barcode to be the recommended height on my bike – 14mm.

-Mike Beary

Thanks Mike, for the pics!
Marc Salvisberg




New and improved Teka SFI 2
with new TPS display and "MMT" Memory Module Tuner

Finally - Quick, easy, cost effective Suzuki tuning with no expensive "add-on boxes"
Suzuki cruisers and sportbikes

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The below links are people and companies that are consistently impressive with their continual uniqueness and dedication to providing traditionally valued, quality products and services.
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The extension of the laboratory for engines of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology was completed in about 1935. Its architect was Rudolf Otto Salvisberg (1882-1940). He had a successful career in Berlin but returned to Switzerland after the advent of the Nazis. His architectural style was somewhat similar to that of Erich Mendelsohn. The staircase of the laboratory is in normal use but well preserved.
Edited to the tunes of Chemical Residue by Herbie Hancock.

Maybe in next rewrite, he'll fix the ignition timing and dyno chapters...
Otherwise great book with great starting ideas.

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