Is Factory Pro the #1 Ducati tuning facility in northern California?

Perhaps, yes.  For sure we've been doing it longer than anybody else.

The easy to use, professional level  "Best Power" EC997 dyne systems consistently "out-tune" dealership level dynojet similar dynos that "tune to an AFR".


Fuel Injection Tuning, custom

The 848 is AWESOME!

And people travel hundreds of miles to take advantage of our Ducati tuning services.

FUEL INJECTION: Magneti Marelli electronic fuel injection, oval throttle bodies.

Wheelsmith  (Factory Pro's R&D section) has a lot of experience tuning Ducatis. Almost 30 years.

Starting in the "old days" of chip tuning - Factory Pro developed 748r and 996 SPS specific chips that worked well at both full throttle / 3000 rpm and also part throttle / high rpm all without disconnecting injectors. Even Ducati couldn't fix them.
But Factory Pro solved the puzzles.

In the new bikes, Factory Pro assisted Tuneboy in testing initial software and hardware for reflashing the stock ECU. Some Tuneboy apps work well.

Currently on the non DTC 848, the most common method of tuning and my suggestion, is with a Microtec replacement ecu. The Microtecs come with maps that probably worked well on the bike they  were developed on, but isn't likely to be perfect for any another bike - but at least it will run.

A custom tuned Microtec equipped 848 is silky smooth and with tweaks to the mapping that makes initial throttle application much smoother and then pull harder than the "supplied, generic Microtec mapping". It's simply not possible to expect that every 848 wants the same mapping.

Why Wheelsmith / Factory Pro Tuning?

A lot of dyno facilities just use a $50 wideband O2 sensor and tune to some "Air Fuel Ratio" (you can blame dynojet for that) - but a few dyno facilities will actually test different throttle positions and rpms for "Best Power" and factor that with "Engine Smoothness" for optimal fuel and ignition settings. A smooth, strong running engine with excellent throttle lead-in are the primary goals and result.

Factory Pro uses the EC997 dyno and either a 4 gas or 5 gas analyzer. The EC997 easily reads both Realtime HP and torque and all the gas readings. Fuel and ignition are modified at each point and based on the multiple gas values, fuel and ignition are changed to empirically derive "Best Power" mapping. It's a far superior method than tuning the engine to "some AFR" and calling it a day.

Is it superior the "tuning to an AFR"?  Well, yes - Factory Pro was the unbiased choice of privateer AMA teams and the choice of Vesrah racing and Michael   (untill cxvvMotorsports.

If you want tuning beyond dealership level "AFR tuning", give us a call 415 472 4962, 9-5, (San Francisco time),  M-F or email

To keep the suspense down, a Microtec ecu is about $1000 and tuning is $775. Takes about an hour to install and 3 to 5 hours to tune.

In comparison, a pc3 or pc5 is about $380 and tuning (fuel only) is $375 - but you can't get anything like the power and drivability results attained with a custom tuned Microtec by Factory Pro.

To keep all that smooth power going to the tire, don't neglect the Pro Shift Kit (below)


With Microtec as compared with the map that the Microtec dealer provided

From: Jason Pham
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 03:45 PM
To: 'Factory Pro Tuning'
Subject: Your tuning feedback

Hi Marc,

Hope all is well with you. I had a chance finally this past weekend to take the bike for a real ride through Sears Point.
I must say the bike feels great, very smooth and amazing torque.
I will be at Willow Springs next month and will really open it up then.
By the way, I'm loving the Microtec and your (EC997 dyno) tuning. I get the power of my Race ECU and then some, minus the stalling issues!!! It can idle all day until the gas runs out.
Jason Pham

Pro Shift Kit - shift quicker and easier and virtually eliminate missed shifts - easier to find neutral, too.


with Hybrid Ceramic Microbearing F-Pro Detent Arm and F-Pro shift spring.

replaces 45520031A and 45520181A arm

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    May 23, 2013   From Leigh Thomas
Heather rode her bike for the 1st time since I put the shift kit in. I asked if she liked it, this was her response.
"Yes! Much better. Much smoother. Thank you. :)"

right under the clutch

replaces 45520031A and 45520181A arm

Factorini Provente

Hybrid Ceramic

Pro Shift Kit

Love the bike?
Wish it shifted better?
 Hard to find neutral?

The AMA proven Factorini Provente Shift Kit is now available for the Ducati.

Factorini Provente designed and manufactured Hybrid Ceramic Microbearing Detent Arm and F-Pro designed Detent Spring will firm up the shift feel and virtually eliminates missed shifts - both upshifting and downshifting and neutral is easier to find.

Trackday and race bikes

Shifts quicker.  Misses fewer shifts.
Perfect to install when working on the clutch.

Remove the clutch assembly, remove the RH engine cover  - bolt in the kit.

Includes: Factorini Provente Microbearing Detent Arm and F-Pro Detent Spring.
(This kit does not include a clutch cover gasket)

Installation: Less than 2 hours to install with impact wrench and large socket set.

Can I install it myself?  Yes - If you can remove the clutch basket assembly, you can do this.


2010 Sept 16 Bob Hunter wrote


 Good positive feel to all gears up and down, biggest improvement is selecting neutral, far better than stock.

 I can highly recommend the upgrade.

Regards, Bob

Install pics, zip file for Jeremiah Knupp




Lightweight Shift Centering Spring

Click Here to buy

Intro Special

Just rode bike awesome shifting, smooth, smooth smooth
Mike Hoak
August 2013

Lightweight Shift Centering Spring

For when you decide that you want lighter feeling shift lever action for better feel.
A lighter foot shift pressure is less unsettling.
Decreases lever effort required to make a shift.
 Makes foot shift pressure more like other sportbikes.
Since you are not having to push so hard to move the lever, it's easier to find neutral.
For if your stock spring broke and you are stuck in Idle Springs, Idaho.

Like your rearsets? But, no matter how you lube, shim, adjust the arcs, angles and lengths, it's still annoyingly stiff to shift?

San Rafael's Michael Aron's 749
06 16 06 10pm
After PC3 tuned to Best Power on an EC997 dyno -
 The Tuning Dyno

Note nice, even, undisturbed surface on tire after running on Factory Pro EC997 dyno's patented High Traction drive roller - a far cry from what a high hp bike's tires looks like on a dealership level dyno's knurled drive roller after a loaded sweep test.

Michael Aron's 749  06 16 06

Feedback 06 19 06

Thanks a million for getting my bike in, I was able to go 4 seconds faster than I went last year, had a great race with Mat Green, but was unable to seal the deal on the straights.

I plan on making that happen next time.

Anyway, thanks again, it was noticeably different right out of the box, and very fun to ride.  Made the 999 seem like a total pig.

On another note, would you like to consider migrating your site to a content management system?  We could do a slick template for you and set it up, you can still manage everything from any computer in the world.

Let me know.


Hi Michael - Not a bad performance for a stock bike with a pipe on it - Good job!  I usually don't work till midnight on a "school night". The content managed site sounds like a good idea. Marc


This is what you call the "working" dyno room.

Some of the industry's most effective carburetion, tuning and dynamometer patents came from this very room -  Many, many hours spent in here.......

The "pretty" dyno cell is in the other building. <smile!>

Factory Pro DYNO CAM  UP?
Click and see!
uses explorer and activex



Watch the EC997 DYNOCAMtm

tire wear dynojet dyno blister damage knurled drive roller land and sea superflow dunlop michelin pirelli metzler


EC997 High Speed 4 Gas EGA dynos
Decades of Dynamometer Evolution
Better because we use 'em and test 'em and develop 'em every day.

Why, just last night (06/20/06), we developed an even quicker and more accurate programming routine for the EC997's realtime hp readout for tuning those critical part throttle settings (in-town cruise for street riders and high rpm / part throttle / on/off for the race and track day riders).

We are still the ONLY dyno company who trains people to tune to realtime tenth hp accuracy. Most of the rest "sell" dynos as a profit line item.

"What's the point of .1 and .2? Who cares about .1 and .2 hp?" the "dealership level dyno" salespeople people said. "We are the biggest."
Well, it's all about being the best and heck! If you tune to .1 and.2 hp optimal fuel and ignition settings, how wrong could you ever be even if you were lazy and only did to .5 hp level?? (not promoting that, but, using it as a reference. Marc) 

Still stomps all over "tuned to an af ratio" commonly(!) by 3 to 4 True hp power levels at part throttle.

Almost 1/4 of our local EC997's work is retuning power commanders from San Francisco, Ca area dealership level dyno "af ratio tuning" to optimal EC997 Best Power maps for better power and better engine smoothness.

Best Power Ducati Tuning

For the absolute best Ducati tuning, your local Factory Pro Tuning Center can tune your 749's power commander or other "mappable device" to Best Power using the EC997 dyno's Realtime HP readout. Realtime HP Readout allows quick changes so that engine temps aren't wildly varying during the test, unlike the painful, tire damaging, loaded sweep tests that dealership level dynos do when they "tune to an af ratio".

Shortly and simply, an engine performs best when it gets the fuel that IT wants - and almost never performs optimally when somebody "autolink tunes" a power commander  "to an af ratio" that "somebody" proclaims is the "right" af ratio in the "magic" 4th gear.

That's a simple fact that many upper level tuners know - Though it's surprising how many duc "specialists" aren't aware they could be doing even better.

Typically, "af ratio tuning" as compared to "Best Power" tuning results in more likely burbly part throttle cruise and "not as good as it could be"  at high rpm / on/off smoothness.

Not all Factory Pro Centers are Ducati savvy, so be sure to call and talk about your duc first -


Marc Salvisberg
415 883-5620




Absolutely NO carb parts sold in California.

New and improved Suzuki Teka SFI  2

with new TPS display and "MMT" Memory Module Tuner

Finally - Quick, easy, cost effective Suzuki tuning with no expensive "add-on boxes"
Suzuki cruisers and sportbikes

Please click here for more info

Contact Factory Pro
M-F, 9am - 5pm, Pacific time, -7 or -8 GMT

800 869-0497
 USA and Canada

415 883-5620

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EC997 dynamometer information

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Factory Pro
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Novato, CA

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