Honda CBR1000f

Classically styled - eternally pleasing good looks. One of Honda's toughest long haul big bores.

True Rear Wheel HP Scale
as measured on the Low Inertia EC997 Eddy Current Dynamometer


CRB-H31-1.0  $139.95
STD drop-in carb recal kit

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The best of the best  "drop-in" kits.
Boosts power a bit at full throttle, improves throttle response and wheelie ability. Definitely pulls harder out of 2nd and 3rd gear corners.

CRB-H31-1.1-TI  $159.95
Ti ProKit description

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Same needle dimensions as 1.0 kit, but with Titanium needles, also a drop-in kit. No slide drilling required. Contains Stainless Steel Allen screws for the carb tops or bottoms instead of alloy.

SHFT-PRO-HON-5/11   $139.95
(replaces MM5 arm and stock spring)

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Make shifting MUCH quicker and virtually eliminate missed shifts when it's done. Helps prevent wear on 2nd gear engagement dogs and slots and shift forks.

This is the older basic shift kit.
If you already have the Pro Kit, you can order the Evo STAR below to make it a full "Evo STAR kit".

Shift STAR Upgrade


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The EVO Shift STAR Upgrade for the above Pro Kit, will upgrade your bike to the latest, greatest shift action!

Who else but Factory Pro would continue to support the classics? Making them as good as the new bikes and making the new bikes, even better!

Banish the last bit of clunk from the gearshift mechanism,

Make shifting MUCH quicker and virtually eliminate missed shifts. Helps address missed shifts caused by poor shift detent "star" profile.

The STAR is an upgrade for the world famous Pro Shift Kit by Factory Pro.

User's comments

(replaces "MZ1" marked original)
(adds 4 deg)

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Ignition Advance Rotor

 Adds some power at all part throttle positions. That equates to more "snap" in throttle response for you. Mileage, on some bikes, if properly tuned on the low end carburetion, will increase slightly.

State Of The Art Motorcycle Dyno Analysis Software

CBR1000, 93-96
The above graph plots power changes from red (run #3 - hottest) to blue (run #2) to green (run #3 - coolest)
Run #3(red) shows slight richness in midrange (power loss as engine warms to full operating temp) and near perfect at top end. (power increases as engine reaches full operating temp.)
Run #1(green) shows slight richness when compared to run #3(red)in midrange (power is higher when engine is below full operating temp) and probably ok at high rpm when compared with run #3(red) at top end. (power increased as engine warmed)

Even though you couldn't hear or feel it, the rough looking plots show cylinder #4 missing at 7200-7700 and 8800-9600 rpm!

Try seeing that kind of detail on any dyno other than the Tiger 950id!!

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Absolutely NO carb parts sold in California.

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