VT750dc a
(dual carb model)

Shadow / Shadow Spirit / ACE /ACE 750 Deluxe
7 only (08 is FI)

Our "H39" application list
'01 fits all models of vt750
'02 fits all models of vt750
'03 fits all models of vt750
'04 fits no models of vt750
'05 fits vt750DCB and vt750DCA only
'06 fits vt750DCB and vt750DCA only
'07 fits vt750DCB and vt750DCA only
'08 fits none
'09 fits none
(note - this kit does not fit 08-09)



vt750d 01-07

contains Factory Pro Steel MF5 Microbearing detent arm
- no gasket required - Honda uses gasket sealer 3 Bond 1104

rpl 24430-MF5-000 arm
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Microbearing  Detent Arm
(with low friction steel microbearing)

Make shifting quicker and virtually eliminate missed shifts. Helps address missed shifts caused by the stock high friction  detent arm roller. Much more consistent shifting.

Helps with quick 1-2 shifts.

This kit will not fix a gearbox with already damaged internal parts. If your transmission is already jumping out of 2nd at full throttle, you waited too long to install this shift improvement kit.

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Carburetor Recal Kits

CRB-H39-3.0-TH     $99.95

(for use w/ aftermarket  intake kits)

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Designed for the
Cruiser Magic
Cruiser Performance
 Thunder Air Kit
and other inlet mod systems.

This is THE Factory Pro quality TUNING KIT as recommended by most every online VT750 guru.

Rather than try to guess at jetting that "works for everybody at any altitude, humidity and temperature" (a.k.a. = impossible!) - This kit includes jetting specs for a bike jetted in standard air temp, pressure and a pressure conditions.
It ALSO includes OPTIONS so that you can jet YOUR bike in YOUR location so that it runs as perfectly as possible - This is not some unrealistic "put this main jet in and put the clip in this position and everything will be perfect at every elevation, any temperature with any exhaust" kind of jet kit.
We are tuners - not "sell'in da dream" marketers.

This kit was developed on the Factory Pro designed EC997 dynamometer - the only dyno that was designed to tune for best power and maximum smoothness in realtime - not a common dealership level dyno. A lot of the one jet, one needle, one setting jet kits were done with dealership level mass market dynos.... So - that's not a first choice in products.

This kit contains long life Celmat30 alloy needles and Steel Allen Screws for the float bowl and it adds more low-end / midrange, if the proper main jet is selected, the best top-end power. Easy to install and tune - no slide drilling.

It includes #42 pilot jets and a range of Keihin Scaled main jets - including proper Keihin scale 132, 135, 138, 140 and even the "way big", 142 main jets -
800 869-0497

 CRB-H39-1.0       $99.95

(mains, pilots, F-Pro needles, extra clips, float bowl or carb top screw, install specs.CV Carb tuning instructions, high quality plastic case)
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STD drop-in carb kit

For use with the stock airbox.

Adds more low-end / midrange, if the proper main jet is selected, more top-end power. Easy to install and tune - no slide drilling.


TL-HONDA "D" WRENCH     $19.95

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Fuel Screw / Mixture Screw Wrench, "D" type

(as used on most modern Honda Keihin CV carbs)

Lost yours? Didn't get one en your "off brand" carb kit? (should have bought a Factory Pro carb kit in the first place - they are included free)

TL-float height gauge     $59.95

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The only way to accurately measure float heights. Works on nearly every carburetor.

Accurately and easily set your floats to adjust the lower end of the carburetion.


Tuning Notes

Contact Factory Pro
M-F, 9am - 6pm, Pacific time, -7 or -8 GMT

800 869-0497
 USA and Canada

415 883-5620

fax 415 492-8803

parts information

EC997 dynamometer information

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Factory Pro
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San Rafael, CA 94903

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