Honda CBR600f3

Through the years, the mighty F3 evolved it's bodywork and chassis and remained the same strong for it's time, engine. Very successful and very reliable.
(except for the cam chain tensioner, which allowed the chain to rattle at idle after high mileage - just replace it with a manual cam chain adjuster)

**True Rear Wheel HP tm**

Stephen Williams, 2019, North Ireland

Transmission Detent Kit



inc: star, micrbearing detent arm, F-Pro spring .

add $20 for hybrid ceramic microbearing

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Factory Pro's EVO Shift STAR kit

Last lap, last corner, 110 mph, two wheel drift... passing on the outside, bike carefully controlled by just the subtlest of weight transfer and just a "fingers touch" on the throttle... you run out of rpm and need to upshift to complete the pass.... you need to shift.... it's ok.... a tap and you are in the 4th, still in a drift....... you keep slightly pulling... around.... slowly past....
you win. 

EVO-7 Shift Star Kit!
Includes Factory's AWESOME Detent Star - Totally changes the rough shifting the Hondas are known for into the sweetest shifting bike - The one you've always wanted!
Includes: Factory Pro designed, refined and manufactured DETENT STAR, Factory Pro Microbearing Detent Arm, heavy duty detent spring and gasket. Makes shifting quicker and more positive - "virtually" eliminating those nasty missed shifts. The stronger detent spring rotates the shift drum quicker, so the gears are more likely to engage under quick shift conditions - and "lazy" ones, too -
The Factory Pro Microbearing removes friction for the quickest shifting.
The closest to a "paddle shifter" for a motorcycle that you will ever find!!

Install directions page



Shift Kit / Trans Detent Arm Kit

Add $20 for hybrid ceramic bearing

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Pro Shift Kit

The microbearing detent arm and F-Pro shift spring kit

Make shifting MUCH quicker and virtually eliminate missed shifts. Helps address missed shifts caused by poor shift detent "star" profile and weak and rough stock components.
Basically, the kit installs a new microbearinged "detent" arm and slightly stiffer "detent" spring. The spring exerts more force on the arm and the arm removes rotational friction from the shift drum - quicker shift drum rotation = quicker shifts and fewer missed shifts.
BTW - fewer missed shifts means longer shift fork and engagement dog life.
Installation requires removal of the engine clutch cover and complete removal of the clutch. Requires the use of an air impact  wrench for the clutch nut.
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Carburetor Recalibration


1.7-RK RaceKit

The BEST carb kit you can buy.


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It is called a Factory Pro "1.7-rk Race Kit" for the carbs because there are some modifications done to the carb body that should be done by an experienced mechanic / tuner - It is not a "drop-in / no drilling required" kit like the Config 10 and the "1.1-Ti" Pro Kits are. Mods consist of removing the original main air jets, tapping the carb body to accept replaceable main air jets and that's about it for the tricky bits. So, if you are confident in your ability to tap an expensive set of carb bodies, this IS the highest performing, cleanest running carb recal kit available - from anywhere.
This kit WILL allow the engine to produce the it's best top-end power - without sacrificing low and midrange power. Generally, the engine will produce 1-2 more
True HP and 2-4 djhp.

Extra parts (not included in the carb kit)

Adding a +4 degree Advance (buy separately) will pick up the part throttle response, too - making the engine more lively when rolling on the throttle exiting corners and snappier (wheelie prone) when driving in town (you hooligan!).
To shift quicker and virtually eliminate missed shifts, get the
SHFT-PRO-HON-21 kit. (buy it separately) How cool is the Trans Kit? "Kick it out of one gear and it'll go into the next gear!"
Even in 2001, a slightly modified 93-98 600 can still be competitive in racing - with the right mods.  A
BMC Race filter (buy separately), a bit more compression, a bit of port work......


Standard drop-in carb kit

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The Ti ProKit carb kit.

 Easy to install and tune - no slide drilling! Titanium needles for lightest needle weight and best carb durability.
Adds more low-end / midrange, if the proper main jet is selected, more top-end power.
This is one of the kits that we made our reputation on.

CRB-H71-1.0       $139.95

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Standard drop-in carb kit - no slide drilling

Easy to install and tune - no slide drilling! This is the general purpose kit. 
Adds more low-end / midrange, if the proper main jet is selected, more top-end power.
This is one of the kits that we made our reputation on.

Ignition Advance Rotors

Ignition Advance Rotor

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This kit advances the timing 4 degrees and will pick up the full throttle power a little bit, but it's biggest benefit is that part throttle power is increased.

How does that translate to the rider? More "snap" coming off of corners, better throttle "feel" and improves the ability of the rider to "drift" the rear wheel, under power when exiting corners at part throttle / high rpm.

Other than that (if you don't quite follow the above? It FEELS better! :-)

Easy to install - only bolts on one way.

Hybrid Ceramic Wheel  Bearings

Hybrid Ceramic intro special

reg $299.95

4 bearing kit
front and rear wheel bearing set
pn: BE-HYCER-H71-95-98
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Hybrid Ceramic Wheel  Bearings

4 bearing set

2 front wheel bearings
2 rear wheel bearings
(does not include sprocket carrier bearing)

Tough steel races and almost  friction free ceramic balls.

Bearings have rubber seals that are easy to remove if desired.
Carburetor Rebuild - Replace worn non-replaceable stock needle jets  with Factory Pro nickel plated needle jets

$280  + shipping and handling

to replace worn stock needle jets with 4 new nickel plated Factory Pro needle jets.
Call 415 883-5620

Needle jets worn out?

High mileage on bike?    Poor fuel mileage?
 Bike runs too rich at low rpm because of worn needle jets?
Send in your carbs and we can replace them with 4 new Factory Pro needle jets.
415 491 5920

Let  Factory Pro replace your worn "non-replaceable" needle jets.

Better throttle response - potentially better mileage  - augmented part throttle response.


Cover Info


Cover set for the F2 and F3. Absolutely the strongest covers you can buy - and has the highest strength / weight ratio available! Individual replacement cover parts available direct from Factory. 


Ignition Timing Comparison:
Shows difference between stock and +4 advance on THIS CBR600f3 w/comp exhaust, CRB-H71-17-RK RaceKit, pump fuel.
  • Test #1.........+0 degrees advance on properly jetted F3
  • Test #2..........+4 degrees advance on properly jetted F3

Actual Screen on EC997 Eddy Current Dyno
(click browser "view image" to enlarge)


Is a +4 advance a good addition for this particular modified bike?


Yes, on this bike, we'd use the +4 degree. A standard, full throttle dyno test shows that there are minor power changes, less than 1hp here and there when at full throttle, but at part throttle, (not shown on this chart) power is increased at nearly every rpm - at every throttle position that is less than full throttle.
This explains why a rider will say that the bike feels quicker and pulls harder out of corners - because
it is quicker and it does pull harder - they are not at full throttle - even though a typical dyno says there isn't a power increase. An experienced dyno operator with a decent dyno will be able to show power at part throttle. Look for a
4 Gas EC997 for best test information.
A +2 degree advance generally wouldn't lose any power at any rpm at full throttle, but the part throttle power wouldn't be increased as much. Generally, if you feel an unacceptable amount of power loss at high rpm while riding, you would avoid the power loss by retarding the timing in usually 2 degree increments until power picks back up.

Does every model of motorcycle react to timing changes the same way?


Some pick up or lose power (when adding too much additional advance) at different RPM's with more ignition timing lead, but most all have improved power at part throttle settings.

Look at the dyno charts that we commonly publish - I usually post them when I have a request -

When we sell an advancer, we always sell the rotor with the amount of timing that improves or, in rare cases, keeps the same power at full open throttle - If it was worse, we'd back off the timing till it worked out - and if there was a hp loss at full throttle with any amount of additional advance - we just don't sell one.

That's why Factory Pro suggests, depending on the bikes, either a +2, +4 and in a few cases, +6 degrees advance -

You have to be wary, though -

If one is doing power testing at full throttle using uncontrolled loading, as in dynojet testing, realistic optimal tuning settings, as compared to real world, will be skewed because the combustion chamber material  temperatures are 300f to 400f lower in the typical dj test  - and are significantly lower than in the real world.

The amount of heat in the combustion chamber affects air/fuel "burn rate" and that affects best advance setting and optimum tuning results for the real world-




Absolutely NO carb parts sold in California.

New and improved Suzuki Teka SFI  2

with new TPS display and "MMT" Memory Module Tuner

Finally - Quick, easy, cost effective Suzuki tuning with no expensive "add-on boxes"
Suzuki cruisers and sportbikes

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Contact Factory Pro
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415 883-5620

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EC997 dynamometer information

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