Kawasaki ZX-7R, 1996-2003

pseudo Kinko's racebike

Pictures of Team Kinko's Kawasaki zx6r and zx7r race bikes.
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Daily News 12/12/96

By Motorcycle Online Staff

Dunlop Test Concludes at Daytona

Reigning AMA Superbike Champion Doug Chandler and 1995 champion Miguel Duhamel were among a list of 14 riders on hand yesterday at Daytona International Speedway for Dunlop's annual pre-Daytona 200 test session. Chandler and Pascal Picotte put their marks on the test early with Chandler recording his quickest-ever lap times on a Superbike and Picotte steadily lowering the mark in the 600 Supersport ranks.

Seven teams took part in the testing with the factory squads from Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha joined by the the Supersport support teams of Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha. Two-time Daytona 200 winner Duhamel did time on his 1996 Smokin' Joe's Honda superbike machinery plus 600 Supersport machinery with 1997 pieces.

Chandler was joined by two new teammates -- Tommy Hayden and Todd Harrington -- on the Team Muzzy Kawasaki squad. Hayden spent time on both the Superbike and 600 Supersport machinery while Harrington tested on the Supersport bike. The ZX-6 machines were new with the ZX-7 Superbikes in '96 trim.

Thomas Stevens tested on Monday with the Kinko's Kawasaki 600 Supersport support team,
but spectated the next two days after coming to an agreement to race a Ducati for Vance & Hines in the AMA Superbike Series.

Factory Pro supplied all tuning EC997 dynos and all the carburetor tuning, ignition and shifting items for the ultra quick Scott Beach / Michael Tjon EC997 dyno tuned Kawasakis.

Needle Jet Replacement  - High Dispersement Jet - patented HDJ style

side view Kaw HDJ emulsion tube

HDJ showing 6 additional peripheral micro fuel passageways.

side view HDJ emulsion tube

HDJ showing 6 peripheral micro fuel passageways.

Needle jets worn out?

High mileage?
 Bike runs too rich at low rpm because of worn needle jets?
Send in your carbs and we can replace them with patented HDJ style needle jets.
415 491 5920

Let Factory Pro replace your worn "non-replaceable" needle jets and convert your carbs into HDJ (High Dispersement Jet) style needle jet carbs.

Better throttle response - potentially better mileage - 2% to 5% more power  - augmented part throttle response.

UK Feedback July 2014
Hi Marc just to let u know I finally got carbs from UK customs on Wednesday 23rd they sat on them for 10 days then had the cheek to charge me 70.00 pounds import duty bloody UK - any way, when I put the carbs back on bike it started first time and bike now goes so much better thank you and your team for their work very pleased and it now idles which it had never done before. Thank you very much.
It's just much better the whole way through the rev range but especially higher revs - just really impressed - thank you.
Karl Rouse  UK

I only wish that we had the HDJ needle jets when we were racing them back in the mid to late 90's with Team Kinkos and Muzzy's.

I'd estimate 4 to 6 hp gain on top.
Lowend and midrange are improved by about the same percentage.

Replace worn needle jets - upgrade to  HDJ needle jets. $280

4 F-Pro HDJ needle jets
HDJ needle jet conversion labor

$280 + shipping

Call 415 883-5620
, m-f, 9-5 (pacific time, -7 or -8 gmt)
or email  marc@factorypro.com

Let Factory Pro replace your worn "non-replaceable" needle jets and convert your carbs into HDJ (High Dispersment Jet) style needle jet carbs.

Better throttle response - potentially better mileage - 2% to 4% more power  - augmented part throttle response.


HDJ install $280.00

415 883-5620

Feedback July 2014

HDJ needle jet Installation
"The new needle jets you installed fixed the problem created by the worn out stock ones.
Before, I could see the large drops (globs) of fuel being released between the needle and jet while it was idling (air box off).
Now I see nothing."

Greg Lowe
THE fix for other carb kits

CRB-K51-0.5       $299.95
Including 4 100k emulsion tubes

Small run of tubes in February 2018 - order now - limited availability.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am just writing to compliment your product that I have recently purchased. I have a Kawasaki ZX7R (P5) and wanted to change the jetting, as I have tried both xxxxxxx kits and xxxx's jet kit and neither of them were successful and resulted in two ruined sets of carbs. However after purchasing your product I found that it was a lot easier to change the jets and made an instant improvement to the overall performance of my motorbike. once again i thank you for producing such high quality and uncomplicated goods. I also would like to thank you for producing products that have sprung my bike back to life.

Many thanks,
Charlea McLaughlin
May 2013

Best "drop-in" kit. Boosts power a bit at full throttle, improves throttle response and wheelie ability. Definitely pulls harder out of 2nd and 3rd gear corners. Pulls
Finely honed to perfection - the Low Inertia EC997 Eddy Current allows us to discern even the difference between individual cylinders main jet requirements - unlike lesser dynes!

This is the only brand of carb kit made that can run smoothly below 3000 rpm on the zx7r. The dynojet kit doesn't - (and it can't ever).
 This is the one carb kit made that contains different emulsion tubes instead of different needles. The problem with about 80% of the 750's is that they are normally on the lean side at low rpm and the emulsion tube needs to be changed and then the stock needles work well, even with no shimming (WITH the different Factory Pro  emulsion tubes.
This kit was also available from Muzzy's.

Note that we said "80%" of the zx7r's.....

About 20% of the zx7r's are "different".
Those are usually the "7r's" that were too rich, even when all stock.
On THOSE bikes....... we suggest to install the carb kit and follow the kit float height settings. If that's too rich and stumbly at low rpm and you DID(!) properly set the float height, then, lean out the float 1mm to try to lean the lowend.
If that's still too rich, call us or email us. Your 7r needs "leaner than stock" needles  - parts at $60 additional cost + shipping.

That's the solution for the often perplexing zx7r. It's not perplexing if you know that there's "2 different bikes".

EZ Adjust Fuel Screw Set

Extended Fuel Screw Set

pn: SCR-3528-FCR

zx7r, 96-03


inc 4 screws, 4 springs, 4 washers,4 o-rings

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zx7r 96-03
contains 4 extended screws, springs, washers and o-rings

"Long Boy" Fuel Screw
Finger adjustable.

Easily adjust to fix lean decel backfiring or rich burble - or lean out the cruise for better highway mileage.

Frustrated with trying to find an "almost 90 degree"  screwdriver to fine adjust your fuel screws for best idle and cruise?
Use Factory Pro's new "finger adjustable" fuel screw to adjust fuel screw for best throttle response. Traveling to high altitude? It's easy to lean out the lowend temporarily.

Make your life easier.

Remove old short stock fuel screw, old o-ring, old washer and old spring. The o-ring might be stuck in the carb, so, take a light and make sure it's really out -  if it didn't come out with the screw (or you can't find it after you took out the screw)
Use a small bent wire to pull it out if it doesn't drop out. Keep the old parts for "spares".

 Each Factory Pro finger adjustable fuel screw kit comes with:
4 Long Boy fuel screw
 4 new o-ring
4 new washer
4 new spring

Carb top Allen Screw kit

Carb top Allen Screw Kit

15pcs 10mm shouldered 4mm Allens
1pc 4mm x 16mm screw (for choke bracket)

zx7r, 96-03


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zx7r 96-03

Pro Shift Kit - make your bike shift better than a new bike - to AMA competition levels

SHFT-PRO-KAW-51    $139.95

Microbearing Detent Arm, F-Pro Spring and gasket kit

1. Choose your shipping method


Microbearing Detent Arm, F-Pro Spring and gasket kit

Make shifting MUCH quicker and virtually eliminate missed shifts. The same pro shift kit that Team Kinko's and Muzzy's used when they raced their super fast 7r's back in 96-97.

Takes 1-2 hours to install. It's behind the clutch basket.



RTR-KAW-31-06    $109.95

1. Choose your shipping method


Ignition Advance Rotor

Adds some power at ALL part throttle positions. That equates to more "snap" in throttle response for you.


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Absolutely the BEST way to measure float heights.


Measures in MM.

RR Note:
 We are in need of a stock-engined (no cams, porting, etc.) 96-97 ZX-7RR to develop a kit for the stock Keihin FCR carbs.
Contact us if you are interested. Thanks, Marc
E mail

General Technical Support

TECH, racebike only

Float bowl pressure MUST ALWAYS equal airbox pressure -
blue arrows

The 2 float bowl vents (1 each between each pair of carbs - total 2 hoses) MUST join together into that black plastic manifold sort of tube and then go  into that ~1/2 / 12mm hose that goes forward as the blue arrows show. The modified setup simplifies hose routing and eliminates one of the "tarantula valves".

Eliminating the "Exhaust Air Injection" system -
red arrows

In order to get consistent, tunable idle and eliminate backfiring under closed throttle deceleration caused by air leaking into exhaust:
1. Join the 2 rubber 90 degree fittings in the valve cover together with a pipe or tube. or
2. Plug the 2 rubber fittings. or
3. Make aluminum covers for the valve cover spigots. or
4. Take the spigots off and make a solid gasket that seals the underside of the spigot and blocks the air. That will make a mechanic really scratch his head later when the bike runs OK and the spigots aren't capped!


Thanks Rozz_ZX7r for the picture!!

Absolutely NO carb parts sold in California.

New and improved Suzuki Teka SFI  2

with new TPS display and "MMT" Memory Module Tuner

Finally - Quick, easy, cost effective Suzuki tuning with no expensive "add-on boxes"
Suzuki cruisers and sportbikes

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Contact Factory Pro
M-F, 9am - 5pm, Pacific time, -7 or -8 GMT

800 869-0497
 USA and Canada

415 883-5620

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EC997 dynamometer information

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The extension of the laboratory for engines of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology was completed in about 1935. Its architect was Rudolf Otto Salvisberg (1882-1940). He had a successful career in Berlin but returned to Switzerland after the advent of the Nazis. His architectural style was somewhat similar to that of Erich Mendelsohn. The staircase of the laboratory is in normal use but well preserved.
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