Kawasaki ZRX1200, 01-05
(and 06 UK and possibly till 08 Japan)

John Bellussi - Aug 2019

COLOR CODED dyno chart for different carb and pipe setups - it makes sense, spend a little time figuring it out.

Factory Pro 2.5 kit with Muzzy exhaust
rejetted with NO snorkel and Muzzy exhaust
rejetted with Muzzy exhaust
unjetted with stock exhaust

yellow is all stock     >>>>    red is all done up.

Finger and screwdriver adjustable fuel mixture screw kit

Long Boy Extended Fuel Screw
pn: CRZ-SCR-3518k2
 with  new extended screws, springs, washers and o-rings

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"Long Boy"
 Finger and screwdriver adjustable extended Fuel Screw assembly

Frustrated with trying to find an "almost 90 degree"  screwdriver to fine adjust your fuel screw for best idle and cruise?
Use Factory Pro's new "finger adjustable" fuel screw to adjust fuel screw for best throttle response. Traveling to high altitude? It's easy to lean out the lowend temporarily.

Make your life easier.

Remove old short stock fuel screw, old o-ring, old washer and old spring. The o-ring might be stuck in the carb, so take a light and make sure it's really out  (or you can't find it after you took out the screw)
Use a small bent wire to pull it out if it doesn't drop out. Keep the old parts for "spares".

Screw assembly kit comes with:
 new extended screws
 new springs
 new washers
 new o-rings

Carburetor Air Induction and Tuning Kits

( NO filter
and adapter ring)

does not include air filter, but does
 adapter ring and matching carb kit

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The Original Special "2.5" kit for those who want close to the power of the Config 30 kit, but want to retain the stock side panels and bodywork.
This kit removes the rear airbox and installs a single large BMC or K&N filter - adding MUCH more airflow and improving power - almost to the level of the Config 30 kit.
Includes Factory Pro design Carb Recal Kit, adapter ring and filter.
User must devise battery hold-down method. Zip-ties and straps are commonly used.
The kit includes Celmat 30 needles, several sets of main jets, alloy steel allen float bowl screws and more.
This is a drop-in kit and requires No slide drilling.

K92_overview.jpg (209413 bytes)   K92_battery_tray.jpg (18734 bytes)   K92_detail.jpg (116192 bytes)   K92_closeup_wire_ties.jpg (94429 bytes)
^ click on the pics for full size ones ^




You guys rock!

You've done it again!!! I installed my FP 2.5 and my bike fired right up and just RRRRRIIIPPPPS!!! No adjustments necessary! I don't know how much more perfect your jetting could be. I'm just amazed!

I'm recommending you to all my friends (ZRX and otherwise!) Thanks for your great products and great service!

All the best!

Mike Trus

CRB-K92-1.1-TI     $159.95
(stock/K&N and snorkel)

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Ti ProKit

The same needle profile as the above #1.0 kit, but with Titanium needles and stainless steel allen screws, a drop-in kit, also. Titanium is the best material choice for nickel plated brass needle jets, as in Keihin ZRX and ZX "R" carbs.


Feb 2010

2001 ZRX1200R, Yoshimura RS3 slip-on, K&N w/ OEM air box, Shortened snorkel 1 ½”

 I have worked on carbureted engines for years but this is the most comprehensive kit I have ever used. Really helps you see the potential of the CVK carburetor. After reading the Feedback on your site I was able to select the correct main jets easily.
Bike runs better than ever!  Torque in the low range is killer, Midrange power is fast and smooth, top end feels endless. Pulled a second gear power wheelie for the first time!

Next is the advance plate from Factory Pro!

 Plugs: ND iridium
Floats: 19mm
Pipe: OEM
Muffler: Yoshimura RS3, shortened flow restrictor 2”
Filters: K&N OEM Repl.
Advancer: stock

Pilot jet: #38
Fuel Screws: 2.5 turns out,
Needle: in 3 with 2 washers above
Mains: 100/102

Humidity: 75%
Elevation: sea level
Location: Mobile AL

Owner/installer: Jay Rad

(for use with stock/K&N filter and snorkel)

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STD drop-in carb recal kit
Boosts power a bit at full throttle, improves throttle response and wheelie ability. Definitely pulls harder out of 2nd and 3rd gear corners! No slide drilling.
Fuel delivery below 4k is controlled by the fuel level (aka "float height"). To properly dial-in the full throttle/low rpm power, fine adjustment is always beneficial.  If the bike responds to full throttle at 3000 rpm OK when cooler, but not quite as well when fully warmed up, the fuel level is too rich - and you need to lean it out -

CRB-K92-3.0-Yosh cams or

When you are using 4 individual K&N or BMC filters, using Yoshimura or similar cams
(includes special carb kit. Does not include filters or cams) 


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Config 30
carb kit only
(for engines with 4 individual K&N/BMC filters and stock cams)

$149.95 w/o filters

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For maximum power, remove the stock airbox and run individual air filters!
Improves power on top / high rpm. Suggested for all bikes, especially ones with ZX11 or Yosh cams.


Hello Mr Marc!
 Hope everything is going well, Sir! Your suggestion for going up on the mains for my setup was right on time. I went up 5 instead of 4 because of the kit but it runs great to me. No dyno, but I feel no flat spots. Good call. I have a couple questions about my setup if you don't mind.

  2000 ZRX
ZX11 cams, ecu
SS Muzzy w/ ti oval
FP 3.0 jet kit dual uni pods
Float:      Never touched

Chuck Alexander
April 2016

Ignition Advance Rotor - add more low and mid (it actually makes better topend, too)


(replaces 21007-1277)

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Ignition Advance Rotor

Adds significant power at ALL part throttle positions. That equates to more "snap" in throttle response for you! Bolts on easily with hand tools. No adjustments necessary.
FYI - The RTR-KAW-93-04 is the same advancer as the ZRX1100 and, also, the venerable GPZ1100,95-96!

Feedback -  for the Ignition Advance


So the bike is running the nuts now. Oh yeah!
Took it to the ZRX rally (KOTF) in NY. I put on my ignition advancer and turned the mixture screws in 1/4 turn and it's pulling 3rd gear power wheelies over rises now. Can't ask for more than that out of a 500lb bike. I'm still going to put a carb sync set up to get a little better low end response but all and all I'm very happy.
Thanks for all your help Marc.
Derek Conant...




Feedback -  for the Ignition Advance


So the bike is running the nuts now. Oh yeah!
Took it to the ZRX rally (KOTF) in NY. I put on my ignition advancer and turned the mixture screws in
1/4 turn and it's pulling 3rd gear power wheelies over rises now.
Can't ask for more than that out of a 500lb bike. I'm still going to put a carb sync set up to get a
little better low end response but all and all I'm very happy.
Thanks for all your help Marc.
Derek Conant...


Transmission Shift Improvement

(sample pic)

SHFT-PRO-KAW-11-steel   $139.95
(inc: microbearing detent arm, F-Pro Shift Spring and gasket).

(add $20 for ceramic bearing marc@factorypro.com )

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Pro Shift Kit

Need snappier shifting with fewer missed shifts?
Pro Transmission Detent Arm Kit includes Factory Pro Microbearing Detent Arm, firmer duty detent spring and gasket. Makes shifting more positive at the expense of slightly stiffer shift lever action. The stronger detent spring rotates the shift drum quicker, so the gears are more likely to engage under quick shift conditions. The Microbearing removes friction for the quickest shifting.
Does not require splitting of engine cases and there are no external parts -

Yes - this bike

You can remove the output shaft seal and the cover will come off. You'll have to replace the shift cover seal.  though. If you remove the seal AND trim the top of the sprocket (slightly messy), the cover will def come off, though.

Tools : diagnostic and setting

TL-float height
gauge   $59.95

1. Choose your shipping method


The only way to accurately measure float heights. Works on nearly every carburetor.

Click here for float height adjustment procedures. 


General Technical Support



R. Holmes wrote:

May 24, 2006

Hi Marc

I've fitted the kit with the recommended basic settings which seem to work well (although i've only tested the bike for an hour so it may be early days).
It accepts full throttle from 1000 RPM in top gear!!!! something it never did before. There is no power band now, the bike just pulls at the same rate (arm wrenching) from idle to redline.
I'm too scared to carry out the procedure for determining correct main jet size on Britain's roads, but the bike did reach an indicated 150MPH and climbing when i lost my nerve due to very light front end, and drizzly rain starting to fall.
The bike pulls so cleanly and evenly, it feels totally tame. although it's faster than it was before.
God knows how you design these kits, but they sure do work, almost too well!
I can't believe the linear power, it's so even. Thought i was in fourth gear a couple of times, when in fact i was in fifth!
If the fuelling is this accurate, i expect there'll be an improvement in gas miles if i slow things down a bit.
After the Dynojet kit fiasco, the results with yours are truly amazing and much appreciated
PS I haven't fitted the advancer yet, hope this won't mess with the settings.

ANSWER: Probably not. Maybe just a 1/4 turn more on the fuel screws. Unless the bike is too lean at some place, the advancer won't make it run poorly.  marc


Reply Re: Hey Marc
Louis J9 Registered User (10/28/00 10:21:21 pm)

Just wanted to thank you for the quality of your work. I have the Factory Pro Jet kit, K&N stock replacement air filter, and Yoshimura slip-on. Your recommendations were right on. Bike has perfect throttle response. Thanks again.


Reply: Carb tuning
Bikefreak Registered User (10/27/00 9:06:32 am)

99 ZRX, Kerker slip-on, K&N filter, snorkel foam removed, side cover trimmed back(1.5 inches by 3.5 inches),
Factory ti kit with 100 mains, e-clip on 3rd slot, mixture screws at 2.5 turns out. Runs absolutely perfectly.


Reply: Carb tuning
MikeDee1428 Registered User (10/27/00 6:42:30 pm)

D&D full exhaust, with alum. canister.
Factory Pro Config 10,100 mains, needles in third notch with one washer under clip .
Mixture screws out 2 2/3 turns. (yeah, yeah. I know, but that's where they ended up when right.)
K&N replacement filter.
Gutted Snorkel and trimmed back 1/2".
Smooth, seamless power delivery from idle to past redline and much "stouter" than stock.


Subject:  Jet kits results
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 09:26:09 -0500 (CDT)
From: bike-freak@webtv.net
To: info@factorypro.com

Just a quick note to tell you what a fine job you do on R&D. I just installed a ti kit in my 99 ZRX (Kerker slip-on, K&N filter, foam removed from snorkel throat, and trimmed side cover). 100 mains, e-clip on 3rd slot, and 2.5 turns on mixture screws. Pulls great from idle to redline using your recommended base settings. By the way my other 3 bikes (98 VTR,97 Bandit 1200s, and 94 CB1000)have had the same results with your kits. I never even consider purchasing kits from you know who.

Thanks again for well researched products.



Subject: ZRX Jetting
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 22:38:20 EDT
From: WKU88@aol.com
To: info@factorypro.com

I got the 1.0 kit, and I have nothing but good things to say about it.
The directions could not have been easier, and the initial recommendations proved to be so good, I don't think I will mess with it. I have yet to dyno the bike, but it pulls real good, much better than stock.

I also have:
Muzzy megaphone
K&N replacement filter
I have not trimmed the side cover, but I did remove the cage and foam from the snorkel.
If I go with Ted's advancer, will I need to go up to the 102's? ( to help prevent detonation)
Thanks for such a great product.

Todd Gipson
'99 ZRX1100


Louis J9 Registered User (10/28/00 10:21:21 pm)
A number of ZRX owners (with stock cams and a variety of pipes - not Yosh) have posted dyno results with a pronounced torque dip at about 5000 RPM.
Can you tell us why that happens?

Just wanted to thank you for the quality of your work. I have the Factory Jet kit, K & N stock replacement air
filter, and Yoshimura slip-on. Your recommendations were right on. Bike has perfect throttle response. Thanks

If we check out a bike and change a couple things, perhaps I can shed some light on the subject.

If the torque drops at an rpm during a steady state test (not a sweep test), and the 4 Gas readings indicate a
mixture problem, perhaps, by addressing that fuel problem, we could "fix" the torque problem, though, there's
not much in a carb that affects only 5k.

It's possible that it is the pipe, possibly aggravated by intake tract length - possibly a few more issues, too.

What is common to all the bikes with torque drop-off problem?
Pipe brand?
jet kit brand?
Stock airbox?
Individual air filters?

jimgofast Registered User (10/31/00 10:36:57 pm)

Re: Stock Air Box Mod?

i have the factory needles in mine although i have to change them now again, but i have full muzzy k&n
replacement and slight airbox mod (removal of liner) look at my dyno sheets there is no stumble at 5 grand i am
using factory 102's bike ran great 112.5 hp. going to pods now hey mark help me out i'm in Chicago area what do
i need to use will have cams too!

Absolutely NO carb parts sold in California.

New and improved
Suzuki Teka SFI 2
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Finally - Quick, easy, cost effective Suzuki tuning with no expensive "add-on boxes"
Suzuki cruisers and sportbikes

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