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Microtec and Power Commander EFI Tuning

The MV Agustas are fabulous bikes.

The stock, non-custom ecu mapping is, to one extent or another, usually a little surgy, notchy and abrupt at low rpm.

The stock fuel injection has some unique issues that are not commonly seen - Custom tuning makes a big difference in flatness below 3000 rpm and riding smoothness.

Tuning a PC's fuel mapping  is going to make the the lowend better than stock and allow proper tuning in the rest of the operating range, On the other hand, buying a Microtec ecu allows  both fuel and ignition tuning - and that allows a decent tuner to optimize ignition timing tables and boost lowend more than using a PC alone.

Note: If a tuner has optimized the idle ign timing AND the fueling with a Microtec, the idle speed will increase. If the lowend is not optimized, the idle will not increase with the Microtec installation.  Adjusting the idle speed screw takes an additional 1 to 2 hours because the idle speed screw is buried  between cyls 2 and 3. It's so buried, that it's claimed that it doesn't exist and the way to adj. the idle speed is to adj. the ignition timing. So,  it costs more to custom tune a Microtec because it takes more time. - but a tuner can do  better job.
See pic of throttle bodies below.

Note: Most modern motorcycles have ignition timing in the range of +5 or +10 degrees at idle and the sameish at crankover speeds and that's pretty universalish.  Sometimes, on the MV Microec ecu's. when you use optimal timing for idle, the bike acts and sounds like it has 10 to 15 degrees overadvanced ignition timing when the start button is pressed in - but, if it manages to start without hurting the starter clutch and you let off the button, it runs perfectly like you tuned it. So What to do?   It acts like it's too advanced below idle..
It's not  like that on any Ducati Microtecs that I've tuned.

Note: Oil leak at oil pan-  The sidestand is mounted  directly to the oil pan and the sidestand, when overstressed, flexes the oil pan and eventually compresses the  oil  pan gasket and causes an oil leak. The owner / mechanic sees the oil leak and hopes that the oil pan bolts are loose, and the bolts near the sidestand are indeed loose. Then, he or she tightens the loose bolts, then all is ok for a while, then the leak starts again, then the bolts are loose again. This time, tightening up the bolts doesn't fix the leak and the oil pan is pulled and the gasket is compressed and shredded  on the sidestand side.
What happens is that the sidestand flexes the oil pan (which is floating over a compressible gasket) and eventually squeezes the gasket and allows the pan to float and saw it's way through the gasket.
A bead of silicon sealant / RTV is a dead giveaway that the bike has a problem with that gasket.

A thought: If you delete the gasket and use Three Bond non hardening sealant (avail as Hondabond, Kawabond, Suzukibond or Yamabond), you would add the rigidity of the crankcase to the oil pan and decrease the troublesome oil pan flex.

We don't do simplistic AFR tuning, we tune to best power and engine smoothness on an ec997 low inertia dyno with multi exhaust gas analyzers.

Over 30 years of national class level tuning experience.
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Experienced with Microtec ecu tuning for trackday bikes.


Here's the MV Agusta 1000 f4, 04-07 throttle bodies.

The single small (without yellow paint) screw is the idle speed screw.

The spring loaded screw (with yellow paint) on the Master carb is to sync the slave to the master.

The #1 and #4 butterflies are fixed to their inside brethren.

The throttle bodies are equipped with the usual air bypass screws.

They certainly do have a manual idle screw.


used oil pan gasket


Absolutely NO carb parts sold in California.

New and improved Suzuki Teka SFI  2

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