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 Suzuki gsxr1000 17-18-20-21

Factory Pro is proud to have been the EC997 dyne system Test Equipment supplier
and a tuning Product choice.

Factory Pro
wicked good shifting!


Taylor Knapp's K&L supported GSXR1000 Superbike
"Thumbs up and Thanks!"


Unleash your bike's power and control

Phenomenal? - Delimit your trackday or race bike.

Remove high rpm power restrictions
Change rev limiter
Modify ignition timing and fuel tables

Some things are not possible to tune on a dyno and require track feedback to refine - that's why a simple "delimited"
ecu reflash doesn't provide that last 10% of power or silky driveability that a track refined ecu reflash provides.

We have all learned that each bike, even with the same aftermarket parts, requires different mapping than it's
identical twin bike. That's why when someone  "downloads the perfect mapping" off of some
 website for a pc or Bazzaz, that it only has a 10% chance of being perfect "on YOUR bike".

With 35+ years of tuning experience, Factory Pro knows that the key to silky smooth and str
ong  running is individualized, perfect tuning on each bike - That's why we do tuning for people all over.



(415) 883-5620
or  (800) 869-0497
m-f, 9-4 pacific time

 gsxr1000  mail in ECU

Delimit - generic    $200

remove speed limit if present -
change rev limit -
 STP secondaries set to 100% on both acc and decel -

Race ECU reflash - semi custom - mail in ecu

Subtle modification of STP acc and STP  tables
 subtle ignition table mods
DO NOT unify fuel and ignition tables
raise rev limit a bit
elim O2 sensor for race use
and there's some wet weirdness in one section of maps that we fix on the 1000r.

$375 (regular price $425)

 Evo Shift Star and F-Pro Spring

EVO Shift Star



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Hi Marc!

 It was really good, I was breaking in new boots

 and it was still much better than the stock star and spring .

 very happy with it! Thank you


David  Kunzelman

S71   EVO Shift Star

The stock 17-20 gsxr1000 star resembles an old sv650 star. Not a crisp shifting Factory Pro S71 star.

Specifically, the late style gsxr shift action is very flat feeling and gives very little tactile feedback as to confidence that it's really in gear or not. I hate it when you shift and you can hear the shift mechanism sort of  lazily "kathwaka" into it's "maybe" final gear location. I like a confident, proper "snick"!
They had it so close to "almost good"  in 99 - I'm not sure why they changed it for the "non-better".... Oh well - After redesigning and testing and redesigning and testing, and redesigning and testing...... I now see how easy it is to get it wrong, though.
We have a new detent "star" with a copyrighted profile (yep, the "science failed, so, it's artwork - so it's copyrighted) that includes a peculiar combination of compound arcs and radii that produces a shift action that makes it almost impossible to miss a shift ("almost" is the key word here!), especially 2nd gear in upshifts and all the downshifts - At least, if you miss 2nd, now, you will be REALLY surprised - cause it's now such a rare occurrence.

Shift Spring

pn: z95-s17k00-0501

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F-Pro  S17k00 Shift Spring

Use with s71 star

To crispen up shifting.

Help with missed shifts especially when using a quick shifter and auto blipper.

You can speed up shift kill duration - decreasing excess, wasteful kill time.< /td>

Hybrid Ceramic Wheel Bearings

5 bearing kit

front and rear wheel + sprocket carrier

pn: BE-HYCER-S70/gsxr1000,12-17
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Hybrid Ceramic Wheel  Bearings

5pc bearing set

Tough 52100 steel races, rubber seals and lightweight, almost  friction free, silicon nitride ceramic balls.

Bearings are pregreased and ready to use.
Bearings have rubber seals that are easy to remove if desired.