Suzuki  gsxr600 
2011 - 2019

Factory Pro's
Teka SFI
FI programming tool

Factory Pro's exclusive

up to 2-4 True HP w improved upper mid and peak
Factory Pro's
Ignition Advance Kit

100% reliable advance method
Factory Pro's famous
wicked good shifting. No missed shifts.
Factory Pro's exclusive

up to 2-4 True HP w improved upper mid and peak

Hybrid Ceramic Wheel  Bearings

5 bearing kit

front and rear wheel + sprocket carrier

pn: BE-HYCER-S70/gsxr600/11-19
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Hybrid Ceramic Wheel  Bearings

5pc bearing set

Tough 52100 steel races, rubber seals and lightweight, almost  friction free, silicon nitride ceramic balls.

Bearings are pregreased and ready to use.
Bearings have rubber seals that are easy to remove if desired.
Unleash your bike's power and control

Factory Pro
ECU Reflash

Need "for beyond normal limit" ECU flashing Test  Bike
in San Francisco Bay area
415 472 4962

Regular "Delimit" Flash
Remove high rpm power restriction that this Suzuki has.
Control Secondaries!! They close up 10% and 19% at high rpm. Free hp.
Change rev limiter.
Modify ignition timing

We have all learned that each bike, even with the same aftermarket parts, requires different mapping than it's identical twin bike. That's why when someone  "downloads the perfect map" off of some website for a pc or Bazzaz, that it only has a 10% chance of being perfect "on YOUR bike".
With 35+ years of tuning experience, Factory Pro knows that the key to silky smooth and strong  running is individualized, perfect tuning on each bike - That's why we do tuning for people all over the west coast and Nevada.
Get your reflash and custom tune at Wheelsmith in San Rafael CA.
(415) 472-4962
Superflare Velocity Stacks

pn:  VEL-S67-2311     $xxx.xx


Use as std 34mm for roadrace / street or use as super short hi rpm 23mm height for drag racing.

supplied with new Stainless Steel mounting screws:
6 x 6mm x 30mm (for 34)
6 x 6mm x 20mm (for 23)
Always loctite stack mounting screws.

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Superflare  billet Velocity stacks

Developed by Factory Pro and Vesrah Racing on the grueling AMA race circuit on the most demanding race tracks in the USA.

Adds more power up at high rpm.     2 to 4 hp over stock stacks.
Extends the usable powerband an additional 700 to 1000 rpm without hurting lowend.

Same or better topend than other stacks and better upper midrange, too. The other stacks are similar to just using our single plate.

Additional "stacker" plates avail for taller than suggested stacks. Stacker plates will probably fit the $600 Yosh stacks.

Used by Vesrah Racing on Cory West's gsxr600.


Red being the stacks.
Looking at the power curve, I'd probably advance the intake cam 2-3 degrees to boost up the mid and upper mid and probably help the peak number, too.
Dip at 9k is because it's too rich there - It can be tuned out.

Same Factory Pro Stack test against a different base stack test

Above is stacks dropped onto a modified AMA Daytona Sportbike.



September 8, 2009
Hi Marc
Just to let you know the GSXR600 we got ready for the Manx GP with your velocity stacks and ignition advancer (2 deg) was the fastest 600 on the island for the whole 2 weeks!!!!. 168.80 mph through the speed trap and finished 4 overall in the senior race with our rider Ivan Lintin onboard. Getting the 600 ready was all a bit of a rush due to sponsors dropping out last moment!!! So we only had time to port a head and skim it and set it up well with no cams so we were as surprised as everyone else just how well it went, 120 hp from 113hp (dynapro figures rear wheel). We have a SV 650 to get ready for him now do you have any goodies for that too? Many thanks regards JON.

Branston, Lincoln, UK

Shift STAR kits

Shift Spring


pn: z95-S70/S01H00-0590


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Miss fewer shifts, shift even quicker and help prevent shift fork damage caused by missed shifts.

Suggest both the spring and the Star .

The star, and spring are located behind the clutch basket. 1-2 hours to install.

Shift STAR

Daniel Garza wrote:

DAM!!!!!  my hats off to the people who did the R&D on the star! Man it shifts awesome.  Billy said my stock piece was already loose so it worked out great.  he says hi back at you.  anyways great product
thanx  -  danny
Evo Shift STAR
Specifically, the late style gsxr shift action is very flat feeling and gives very little tactile feedback as to confidence that it's really in gear or not. I hate it when you shift and you can hear the shift mechanism sort of  lazily "kathwaka" into it's "maybe" final gear location. I like a confident, proper "snick"!
They had it so close to "almost good"  in 99 - I'm not sure why they changed it for the "non-better".... Oh well - After redesigning and testing and redesigning and testing, and redesigning and testing...... I now see how easy it is to get it wrong, though.
We have a new detent "star" with a copyrighted profile (yep, the "science failed, so, it's artwork - so it's copyrighted) that includes a peculiar combination of compound arcs and radii that produces a shift action that makes it almost impossible to miss a shift ("almost" is the key word here!), especially 2nd gear in upshifts and all the downshifts - At least, if you miss 2nd, now, you will be REALLY surprised - cause it's now such a rare occurrence.
Downshifting confidence is 100% easier and better - just as important as not missing upshifts.
Beautifully machined on multi Axis CNC machinery, machined from solid Cro Mo steel bar stock, heat treated, a complex radii, beautiful part.

The star, arm and spring are located behind the clutch basket. 1-2 hours to install.


S70 EVO Shift Star


Use Star and spring together

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(clutch cover gasket not included in gsxr kits)
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Stage 2 Mod

The Shift STAR kit will speed up shifting 5ms to 15ms and almost eliminate missed shifts.

Upshifts are easier, with less "off-throttle"  dwell time and downshifts are quicker, essentially effortless and more secure.

Every missed shift bends the shift fork and rounds the dogs. When the shift finally completes, it puts a huge mechanical shock on the gear engagement dogs and teeth AND the damping springs in the clutch basket  - which transfers to the outer "fingers" on the clutch basket and "ears" of the friction discs. Not a good thing.

The "Suz STAR" is the secret that AMA guys use and was developed with the help of #1 VESRAH RACING.

A "must have" item.

Quickshifter notes:
If you install the STAR and shifting becomes clunky on the track, decrease shift kill duration in 5ms steps. Regular shift kill time was about 55, but with the STAR it's more like 45ms.
Next time you hear that the STAR "made the shifting clunky", they probably have a quickshifter and they probably didn't shorten up the "kill time".

Microbearing Shift Detent Arm
with Hybrid Ceramic Microbearing

F-Pro Shift Spring
pn: z95-01H00-0590


pn: shft-pro-06G-cer

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Stage 1 Mod
Microbearing Detent Arm
(w hybrid ceramic bearing)
F-Pro Shift Spring

This F-Pro steel race, ceramic ball microbearing detent arm reduces even more shift drum rotational friction than the steel bearing version - resulting in quicker shifts and  fewer missed shifts.

Miss fewer shifts, shift even quicker and help prevent shift fork damage caused by missed shifts.

Suggest both the spring and the Microbearing detent arm as Stage 1 mod

The star, arm and spring are located behind the clutch basket. 1-2 hours to install.

Oil Additive

$30 / 4 oz bottle

Anti Friction
4 oz treats 3 to 5 qts synthetic oil



As I recall -

After a race's worth of running over 100 different AMA and WERA bikes, we gained from 2% to 3% power,

The least I saw was 1% (JR's super loose built engine) and the most I ever saw was 4% (on a super tight street  built engine).

The other 98 bikes picked up 2% to 3% power - with most 2% and  2.5%

Lasts 2 and up to 3 oil changes (tapering off in effect).


oil additive


mid power and high rpm power

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