Factory Pro's
High Precision EC997  Dyne Systems

Best load control and software: Rpm settling on target rpm is typically 1-2 seconds
 click here for 14k proof (turn down sound?)

(it's all to my standards, not some marketing department)

Best Sweep Test: Our systems absolutely actively control sweep rate, accommodating engine power changes and flat spots, so 125's to 1400cc - all have proper loading, not uncontrolled sweep rates and heavy or light drive roller "Neanderthal" technology.

Best Data Recording - all automatic - no buttons to push to record. The computer is quicker than the dyno operator......

Best Traction: Patented slotted drive roller - Ask other dyno guys if tires slip on Busa's, zx14's and pumped gsxr1000's and R1's - if they say "not a problem" - they are being coy.......

Best Front wheel chock: Holds the bike up, with or without straps (unlike floppy dealership dynos)

Best height: Able to work on the bike on the dyno as it's only 12 inches high (compared to 18 to 20 inches on other dynos)

Best Front Wheel Beam - you can walk right up to the bike, as the front wheel beam is only 12" wide.

Best tuning support (just ask the dealership dyno guys how to tune beyond "air fuel ratio" or how to tune for best power..... or how to tune)

 We have the best dynos, but not the cheapest (nor the most expensive, either)

I shopped for dynos for over 2 years.  I have tuned on all of them, dynojet, Superflow , etc.
The EC997 is the best one.
Link it up with the true 4 gas EGA and I can tune around any O2 sensor driven map and you will feel the difference...not just in your wallet like all the rest. Bold statements but I have done it.....
Going in deep on that reply but what the hey -  I have the best dyno.. Thanks
 Charles Huffstetler
Atlanta's #1 Factory Pro Tuning Center

A Tuning Company who designs and builds CHASSIS Dyne Systems that can tune ANYBODY else's tuning product.

We are not a marketing company who sells "dynos".

We are not owned by an MBA run investment company.

We don't have recruited sales people.

We don't have designated "profit centers".

We DO have people available who can help tune just about anything.

Those are some of the differences......

The Primary Product- The EC997 Dyne System

Vesrah Racing - Jensen Racing - 4&6 Racing - Xxxxxx Racing
The dealer's "no more comebacks" tuning dyno   -   The Tuners Equalizer

Teka sfi, Teka 4usb, Power Commander, HD Race tuner, Triumph and Aprilia TuneBoy, HD Delphi, Motec, EFI, Walbro, Magneti Marelli, RapidBike, Yamaha GYT, Honda HRC and Suzuki / Yoshimura Kit ecu's, Kawasaki KRT, Keihin FCR, Mikuni Smoothbore, CV carb, 2 stroke, 4 stroke, fuel injected, carbureted, race winning, better than a dealership level dyno can do, slap down, drag out, do all to the "N"th degree of optimum,
tuning dyno.


EC997 with optional "Flash Package"
(Vesrah #1 SV1000 not included)

The  EC997 MC dyne system is the backbone of the Factory Pro dyne product line.

Tough and reliable, some EC997's have been in service continually, without mechanicals, for almost 15 years. Our own "working dyno" is almost 17 years old and still pumping out 20 to 50 tests a week.

16 years of Active Load Control
16 years of Steady State AND Sweep Testing ability
16 Years of potential  .1 True HP repeatability.
30+ years of engine tuning experience

AMA Prostar
#2 Vince Waska 1000cc
"highest mph"
Engine was developed and tuned on the Factory Pro EC997 dyno.
True HP
NOT the official Dyno of Prostar, anymore....

Lined up around the dealership level dyno

For 10 years, Factory Pro supported AMA and WERA Racing with trackside Testing Service.
We were the dyno of choice for most privateers at Road Atlanta WERA for years.

We are also the AMA's longest consistent non-manufacturer contingency sponsor - giving back to the privateer racing industry what they gave to us.

Rob Jensen - Suzuki Cup World Champion 2004 -2005 Rob owns his own EC997 and was the fastest privateer racing in the top 10 against the USA factory supported 600 bikes.

Factory Pro's new 2005 model High Speed 4 Gas EGA

Features quick change, flip up filter access and an O2 sensor that is immune to lead fouling (unlike dealership level dynos)

Factory Pro absolutely pioneered the full integration of hi speed digital 4 Gas EGA system into a commercial dyne 15 years ago. And still the leader.

Factory Pro designed and produces the quickest settling integrated 4 gas Analyzer in the world - period. How?
We are tuners, we needed it to tune with - you can't buy a fast reading system from the analyzer companies - so we built our own systems - EPA specced for accuracy - The new 2006 systems include a super hi flow moisture removal system. Moisture ruins gas readings and expensive 02 sensors.

When it comes to an integrated 4 gas? Don't fall for "you don't need that" or "that's not a problem" or "no problem, we can do that later" or "yeah, we sell one, too (somebody else little, fragile unit). Those are traditional "make the sale, now" mass marketing words)

Mark Junge's EC997 supported Vesrah Racing - WERA National #1 Endurance and multiple National Sprint Championships Tray Batey and John Jacobi. All engine work developed on the Vesrah EC997 Dyne System.

Rich Oliver - 250 Gran Prix all time AMA Champion - The Factory Pro AMA EC997 helped him rocket to an all time number of AMA Championships.
Chuck Sorensen's ex-factory Aprilia RS250 had 3 years of success on the EC997 dyne systems.
Factory Pro's systems were the only respected dyne systems for these national champions.

Factory Pro's EC997 Dyne Systems helped tune most of the USA's quickest AMA 250gp bikes - including Rich Oliver's, Chuck Sorensen's and Simon Turner's bikes. #1, #2 and #3, year after year.

The EC997, unlike common dealership level dynos, provided 250  riders with dyno tuning settings that actually worked optimally on the racetrack - unlike mass marketed dealership level dynos that provided absolutely incorrect tuning settings - by as much as 5 True HP wrong. If the dyno mass marketed dyno misses by 7% hp on a 250 - how much do they miss by on a 150 hp bike? 10 hp? (the answer is actually, yes, it's not uncommon to see non-optimum HP results when tuning o an AF Ratio). How much on the HD? That metric cruiser? Can you afford to leave 5 hp on the floor and tell a customer that "it's the right af ratio", instead?

#3 Simon Turner / Priority Racing - AMA VIR - Late night at the track searching for that last bit of power - another 16 hour day for all....
The Factory Pro EC997 dyno was the ONLY chassis dyno that consistently worked successfully for 2 stroke engines.
It takes confidence in the dyno equipment to setup at the track and tune for the best in the country.
There were 2 brands of dynos there..... In the last couple years? 
Only the Factory Pro EC997 was used.
It worked.

Factory Pro Magic! Patented 80%:20% surface/groove ratio. (6,405,586 B1)
If too much surface material is removed, it will damage tires - too little surface removed and it doesn't improve traction.
We experimented so you aren't the guinea pig.

All of the EC997's feature the patented Factory Pro invented "Hi Trac" slotted drive roller.

Without the patented Factory Pro "Hi Trac" Roller System, the current crop of high hp liter bikes will slip in Steady State mode  (regardless of what the dealership level dyno mass marketers will tell you - I think one dyno company calls it "the new"(??) "Torque Link" for Steady State). Old style Knurled drive rollers slip in a Sweep Test, too - but - it's not as obvious and smoky.
To see if there's tire slippage, look for a shiny black strip in the middle of tire - That's surface overheating from slippage. If it's allowed to continue, the tire will internally blister and chunk.
Common dealership level dynos knurled drive rollers are simply old technology.

Aaron Yates - was long time Factory Pro support rider before Yosh ride. We used the EC997 to help Aaron in his early years.

Naumes Oregon Motorsports

This is the EC997 MC/Quad dyne variant.

Dual drive, coupled drive rollers.
Can be run coupled or uncoupled if you aren't doing many quads at the time. Less inertial mass is always a GOOD thing for super fast rpm settling time.

Carts, Legend Cars, Micro Sprints, Quads dyne available.

Special light duty dynes for low hp electric vehicles.

2005 Worcs Championship
#1 Nathan Woods
24 Hours of Glen Helen
#1 and #2 Overall
Proud to say that we have been part of Zipty's great success - More to come!!


To see a good dyno (Factory Pro EC997....) do a power check at a 14k to single digit rpm precision -

 click here for 14k proof!

Try that with a dealership level dyno........

Teka sfi, Teka 4usb, Power Commander, HD Race tuner, Triumph and Aprilia TuneBoy, HD Delphi, Motec, EFI, Walbro, Magneti Marelli, RapidBike, Yamaha GYT, Honda HRC and Suzuki / Yoshimura Kit ecu's, Kawasaki KRT, Keihin FCR, Mikuni Smoothbore, CV carb, 2 stroke, 4 stroke, fuel injected, carbureted, race winning, better than a dealership level dyno can do, slap down, drag out, do all to the "N"th degree of optimum,
tuning dyno.

800 869-0497 Dyne Systems Sales
Dyne Parts and Accessories


EC997 Eddy Current Power System

For the same price as a tire slipping, fragile, one gas, o2 sensor so-called a/f ratio ratio equipped dealership level dyno, you can get a

F-USA Proven
Super tough, Factory Pro designed dyno with ultra high speed  response, load control and far superior data resolution and the patented no-slip, no spin, Slotted Drive Roller.

AND the industry's ONLY in-house designed Four Gas Exhaust Gas Analyzer!

3 Way Operation: Rear Wheel, Chain Drive and Engine Dynamometer

The Choice for performance work and product development - Priced .

User Friendly Analysis Software

Improve Performance - Verify Work - Save time.

Safely Performance Verify In House - Not On Road

Easy To Print Graphs and HP Grids. Print EGA option.


3 days Dynamometer Training at Factory Pro or with other arrangements, at your locations.

How does the EC997 compare?
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With 4 Gas Integration / Super sensitive Low Inertia drive roller

Why 4 Gas EGA instead of o2 A/F Ratio?

  • True Rear Wheel HP tm - Match "SAE Compliant" Rear Wheel dynamometers.

  • DJ Replica Test Readouts, too!

  • GRAPH 384+ different power plots:

  • 1 click changeable colors

  • multi-level directory filing structure

  • power peaks

  • user selectable power and RPM graph ranges

  • "on the fly" graph display background changes

  • graph zooming

  • much more

  • Easier, quicker and simpler than ANY other dyno software.

  • EASILY THE most user friendly dynamometer software available today

  • RUNS IN REAR WHEEL DRIVE MODE - can be adapted to chain drive operation.

  • WITHOUT REGARD TO COST, the roller is grooved. Grooves never wear out. Patented!!!
    That means NOBODY, without license from Factory Pro, will be able to use a grooved drive roller
    That's why some dyno companies cannot measure power under eddy current loading!.

  • ALL HEAVY STEEL CONSTRUCTION - NO flimsy pressed sheet metal.

  • LOW PROFILE DYNO CHASSIS - Only 12.25" tall - Fits 72" wheelbase bikes - Easy and safer to load!

  • optional STEEL RAMP - Wide 3'x7x3/8" diamond plate steel for safe bike loading.

  • Simple Instructions and Toll free Tech Support

  • Options:

    • Computer - Pentium network adaptable (monitor and printer not supplied)

    • Display monitors - Up to 4 separate monitors for your service area, management office or showroom areas.

    • CABINET - Store computer and printer - keep computer shielded and safe .

    • Dynamometer Tools

DynoRoom2 04MAY99.JPG (102650 bytes)
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DynoRoom5 04MAY99.JPG (93075 bytes)
John Chionchio's personal dyno room

What other dyno company sales rep owns his own dyno at his house?

DynoRoom3 04MAY99.JPG (112191 bytes)
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DynoRoom4 04MAY99.JPG (102196 bytes)
John Chionchio's Factory Pro dyno room


Dyno Catalog

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EC997 SOFTWARE Features
We took high quality "engineer required and not supplied" software, changed the wording, reorganized commands, emphasized information that a real world tuner needed and turned the software into the "Tuner's Paradise" of no degree required to operate.
Now, it's simple,  logical and flexible for the experienced tuner and also allows a new tuner to actually be able to learn tuning and dyno testing at the same time, using default settings!
It's about time!

Realtime Readouts:
True Horsepower (.1 hp display)
True Torque (.1 ft lb display)
4 Gas EGA (CO%, HC ppm, CO2%, O2%)
MPH/KM (.1 resolution)
The best, most accurate method of Fuel Injection tuning.
Make a change and see results instantly - no waiting for "download to device" and retesting to see if your "guess" was right.....
Invaluable when tuning Realtime devices such as Teka SFI and Teka EMS.
Step Test
(resolution: .1 True HP display)
Realtime power and EGA gas display
See your changes instantly
Tuning is referenced to POWER, not ficticious "A/F Ratios".
The method preferred by Factory Pro, Bosch, Magneti Marelli, Weber and most other OEM manufacturers
Controlled Sweep Test
(resolution: .1 True Acc. Rate/Speed display)

Realtime specifiable acc. rates, 10, 20 30 or user
Unlike "fixed weight", uncontrolled dynos, you can select different acc. rates to accommodate different HP vehicles.
Since 1990.
Flux Factor
(resolution: 0to 255)

Factory Pro exclusive.
Factory Pro's EC997 is so sensitive that it displays engine smoothness - IDEAL for tuning "cruise" operation "realtime enabled" tuning devices, such as the Teka SFI and EMS.
Yes, smoother is better..... Ask your customers....... No other dyno is sensitive enough to provide this realtime info.
Graph Screen Easy to view, organize, rename, modify notes, update notes, group tests by same color, correct spelling, export graphs as jpg's for website or email use.
All on one screen with handy context sensitive mouse click menus.  
Test Setup Screen Unlike other dyne systems, it is EASY to set up your tests. 3-4 clicks will set starting RPM, Ending RPM, RPM Increment (Step test), Acc. Rate (Sweep Test).
Usually, though, if are just making another test and you aren't changing the test, it's only 1 click on "OK, Go to Test".
Test Screen Step Test:
Displays: "Next RPM", displays graph and plots power as compared to your "reference" file. Overlays new data over ref. file - possibly letting you abort a test that looks like it's not going to "pan out". Saves time and wear.
Sweep Test:
Displays actual Acc. Rate and Speed during test. Software does not allow exceeding the "End RPM" that you originally specified - preventing engine damage from excess rpm (banging it off the rev limiter = unprofessional appearance).
Remember - the EC997 dyne systems provide active load application, unlike other brands of common dynos.

Factory Pro has been involved in high performance tuning for the over 20 years.

We required a dynamometer that was solid, accurate and able to deal with rapidly

 changing torque outputs - and was affordable. The quick reaction that is absolutely critical to measure power in very high rpm, low torque motorcycle applications required the development of extremely fast, accurate data acquisition hardware that was simply not available. Our data acquisition computer equipment shares its foundation with extremely high frequency audio test equipment. Tough and sensitive, it's our Factory Pro exclusive.


We now produce a special Electric Vehicle Dynamometer System that can deal with variable power output conditions and gives the user the use of a dynamometer that will measure power, with virtually absolute repeatability, (with operator care) and with a minimum of hassle.

For you, the user - We can help decrease costs and time spent testing simple items and leave more time and energy to improve vehicle efficiency.

Virtually Absolute Repeatability
The Factory Trademark