Factory Pro's VERNAFACT tm
pat #5,921,211 Adjustable Interlocking Ignition Rotor Device

This vernier setup allows absolute 1 degree adjustment increments with no possibility of error after installation and provides easy incremental changes for the installer / user.
This system would be perfect for many automotive applications.
Licensing available for automotive and other internal combustion engine applications.
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Adjustable Ignition Rotor Tech

Factory Pro MC Apps:
Honda cbr600 / 900
Kawasaki zx900/1000, ZX10, ZX11, ZX6r, ZX7r/rr, ZX9r
Suzuki 92-93 gsxr600, gsxr750 93-95, gsxr1100 to 98, Bandit 600 and 1200

How do they work with no exposed screws?


1. Install the stepped set screw "C" (finger tight) into the "A" plate on right in the desired ignition timing hole. (+0 = original timing).
2. Drop large, outer "B" plate over "A" plate, with set screw lined up with the corresponding timing hole ("+0" for example).

Example of changing the timing:
The Index Screw in -4 threaded hole on inner plate, lined up and assembled with -4 on the outer plate.

+7 in the inner plate lined up with +7 on outer plate = 7 degrees advanced.
-7 in the inner plate lined up with -7 on outer plate = 7 degrees retarded.

1.To advance or retard timing 1 degree, move Index Screw over 1 hole on inner AND outer plate.

2. Some rotor are clockwise and some are counterclockwise. Make sure to look at the ends of the "hole range" to see which way is advance (+) and which way is retarded (-).


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